Heavy clutch problem

Europe car user complaints we often hear is the weight of our favorite car clutch. Especially for women, driving pleasure to be annihilated when dealing with traffic congestion.
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Some of the things offered in workshops specialist:

1. Modified clutch by shifting the point of the clutch cable hooks;
2. Modification clutch plate and the clutch cover with another product, local or imported, Rebuilt or new;
3. Modification of the clutch lever is located above the bottom of the gearbox. Lightweight? Indeed! Unfortunately, this modification (especially numbers 1 and 2 above) can easily result in clutch slippage, the lifetime of a relatively very short and also damage to the manual transmission syncromesh you!

Is there a complete solution? yes! Go to the authorized repair shop of your car and have them replace the clutch with a full set of Valeo products (OEM-Original Equipment Manufacturer) is mild.

Apart from this minor set of coupling, the formal workshop also provides a clutch cable that uses a layer of Teflon. Replacement of this type of cable will bring you more swayed in a light clutch your favorite European car that is no less than the light coupling of the Japanese cars of any brand.

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