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In choosing the parts most people are sometimes confused. Because many of the outstanding parts with different types of brands. Does this also happen to you?

auto parts

The more rampant car users make the car autoparts become a new employment field for some people. Manufacture of counterfeit auto parts were becoming increasingly prevalent with the increasing number of these four-wheeled vehicle users.

auto partsauto parts

So that you avoid all of that should be careful in choosing the parts when you feel the car damage and spare parts must be replaced immediately.
It is not easy to pick these parts. Because there are many options really confusing.

- First, the original spare parts (original). This is the most powerful and safest. The drawback is the price is very expensive for a medium-sized down to make people a little thinking to buy it.

Besides price, number of parts issued car factory is sometimes much less to lead to limited parts of the original market. If it's like this is what can we do things a little expensive. If it can be used to wait for orders, while the damaged car can not be delayed, delayed.

- Second, parts are often the choice is the spare parts in the production of Japanese auto parts manufacturers. The quality offered by some manufacturers is quite good and can be used as a wise choice for car users. The quality of a powerful and slightly cheaper prices offered by these products. The amount was more than the original spare parts.

Although the price a little cheaper but the quality is not very different for these supposedly Japanese manufacturers do not have to buy because they make it themselves.

- Third, the local production of spare parts. quality is presented is certainly different from its original quality. One advantage is the price that could be called the price of a million people. These products are made in the country there is and there are also products made in China label. To issue these parts both original and fake auto parts are actually depending on our needs.

So that we avoid fake auto parts are now actually a bit easier to distinguish. When viewed by naked eye is usually a fake would be rough, because the workmanship and the original mass will be more subtle in his work.
auto partsauto partsauto parts

For more safe, come to an authorized dealer or someone who knows about autoparts. do not try to haphazardly buy. Now the choice is yours.

How Plug works

spark plugbagian bagian busi

Plugs connected to the voltage magnitude of thousands of volts generated by the ignition coils. Voltage from the ignition coil produces a voltage difference between electrodes in the middle of a spark plug with on the side. Current can not flow because the fuel and air in the gap is an insulator, but the greater the voltage difference, the structure of the gas between the electrodes is changed. At the time the voltage exceeds the dielectric strength than the existing gas, these gases undergo a process of ionization and that had to be insulators, turned into a conductor. Once this happens, the flow of electrons can flow, and the flow of electrons, the temperature at the spark plug gap rose sharply, to 60,000 K. Very high temperatures makes the ionized gas to expand rapidly, like a small explosion. This is the spark plugs, which in principle is similar to a mini thunder or lightning.

spark plug conditions
spark plug wear

here are some details in this blog

spark plugs

Plugs installed to burn the gasoline that has been compressed by the piston. where is the spark plug? It is a spare parts mounted on the internal combustion engine with the electrode tip in the combustion chamber. how plug works? Spark plugs perform electric spark. At the center of the spark plug electrodes are connected by wires to the ignition coils outside of the spark plug, and with the ground at the bottom of the spark plug, forming a spark gap inside the cylinder. Granted patents for spark plugs separately to Nikola Tesla, Richard Simms, and Robert Bosch. Karl Benz is also one which is considered as the designer of the spark plug.

spark plug ford 5.4 spark plugford triton spark plug

Internal combustion engines can be divided into the engine with a spark, the spark plugs need to sprinkle a mixture of gasoline and air, and compression engines (diesel engines), with no spark, compressing the fuel and air mixture until there is a spark by itself (so it does not require a spark plug).

pulstare3 spark plugs

removing the ECU immobilizer feature car battery

Procedure for removing THE BATTERY, auto with ECU immobilizer feature
(For example in THE PEUGEOT type 306 N5, 406-1998-onward D8, D9 406, etc.)
1. Open the car windows and then close the car door with a meeting;
2. Turn the ignition to the Off position, then turn it back to the On position (the engine should not be live or on-start);
3. Wait at least 10 seconds in the On position is;
4. Then, turn the key to the Off position;
5. You have 10 minutes to disconnect the battery negative terminal;
6. Always disconnect the negative terminal first, followed by the positive terminal;
7. Reassembling the battery does not require special procedures, the battery may be placed back in the time period is unlimited. Fitting the negative battery terminal should always be done last time.

auto parts

Battery disconnect procedure error would be fatal to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). ECU can be Locked and the only solution is to replace with the new ECU. check your EFI

Problems on EFI systems

Basically, the EFI system is made tough for all road conditions, temperature and how to drive. Damage or problems on EFI systems mainly due to:

1. Poor fuel quality (low octane, sulfur content is very high on all types of fuel and the absence of additives);

2. Tropical humidity is very high so that the sulfur content in the fuel reacts with water vapor to sulfuric acid in the vehicle fuel system and cause blockages in the injector and fuel lines;

3. Modifications to the vehicle electrical system that is not true, including the replacement of spark plug wires of non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the installation of alarms;

4. Efforts to clean the injector with Ultrasound system;

5. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which take in water;

6. Removing the battery in a way that is not true, do jump start in a way that is not right and wrong way of disassembling the ECU.

auto parts

electronic fuel injection (EFI) system engine maintenance

auto parts

The following tips about EFI auto parts:
1. When the engine note when the indicator text / image "Check Engine" on the instrument panel (depending on car brand) remains on after the engine life for a few seconds, immediately contact your mechanic;

2. When you're driving and when the Check Engine light indicator, immediately contact your mechanic;

3. Clean and replace air filters regularly or on time;

4. Replace fuel filter (fuel filter) periodically,

5. Clean throttle body and idle regulator / stepper motor at regular intervals;

6. Clean connector sensors, connectors and connector Ignition ECU periodically;

7. Replace spark plugs regularly and check the spark plug gap every 5.000km tenseness or more often. Use a spark plug type R, namely that using resistor;

8. Avoid ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of water;

9. Try charging the battery and electrical system (altenator and voltage regulators) are always in prime condition;

10. Do not even think to modify the voltage regulator with cut-out system, you will damage the ECU or ignition module (Igniter / CDI);

11. Do not try to start the engine when the injector socket in a detached position;

12. Do not even try to connect the injector with direct battery current (12 volts) because the injector operates with a voltage of 9 volts;

13. Clean injectors and fuel system regularly with a safe cleaning system, for example Interject Service;

14. Do not even using Ultrasound injector cleaning system;

15. If you want to install an alarm, make sure the alarm is made by major manufacturers and has an international reputation, brand eg Clifford, Alpine, Kenwood, Avital, etc.. Perform installation of an alarm only at authorized dealers. Alarms made in factories that do not have an international reputation can cause RFI / MRI that will interfere with the function of the ECU;

16. If you want to replace the spark plug wires with the type of high performance / racing, make sure that the wires are made of materials that do not cause RFI / MRI can interfere with ECU functioning.

Automotive Cooling system Aspects

1. Basically the car engines have a normal working temperatures (normal operating temperature) in the range of 85 degrees s / d of 95 degrees Celsius;

2. Car engine became overheated at a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius (over using the original radiator cap and use a liquid/coolant);

3. Occasionally the engine temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius in certain circumstances (e.g on a hill which is very heavy and long) in a relatively short period of time can be categorized as normal (for using the original radiator cap and use a liquid/coolant);

4. Any type / form of modifications to make the machine working temperature is cooler than normal temperatures that range from 85 degrees s / d of 95 degrees Celsius is always likely to have a negative impact engine performance and durability;
auto parts

5. Especially for older types, the normal working temperature of the engine slightly lower, i.e in the range of 80 degrees s / d of 90 degrees. However, overheating is also only occurs at a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius (over using the original radiator cap and coolant);

6. Especially for the type equipped with automatic transmission, the engine to working temperature range is maintained at a maximum of 95 degrees Celsius in order to maintain the durability of the automatic transmission and other auto parts.

car periodic care tips for cooling system

1. Check the position of the radiator cap and check the water in the radiator of your car on a regular basis because if reduced would result in over heating;

2. Do not fill the radiator overflow, but fill up to a top position only. Auto parts such as Radiators that are too full of negative impact on engine cooling system components;

3. If the radiator requires the addition of water regularly every few days or even every day, immediately go to your mechanic;
auto parts

4. Replace / drain water in the radiator of your car within a period of 1 year or every 20,000 km for regular maintenance and water pump cooling system of your car:
Always use coolant / coolant / inhibitors is good, safe for aluminum parts and has a phosphate content of the low / nil, say Procoor, Revkogel, glyco Shell, etc.;

Mixing water coolant should use aquades / distilled water to prevent the crust on the engine cooling system; Dispose of the wind on the radiator and the engine coolant through the channels, until the air bubbles disappear;

5. Check the engine cooling fan and air-conditioning, whether it is still running normally or it will become slow spin;

6. Check with your mechanic to find the cause of delay in the cooling fan rotation.

auto parts


1. Removing the thermostat result in decreased engine performance, fuel consumption and reduced endurance / durability of the engine;

2. Use a thermostat that begin to open at a temperature of 83 degrees Celsius. This thermostat can be obtained at the official Peugeot garage and specially designed by the manufacturer for machines Peugeot vehicles in the tropics;

3. The use of coolant will extend component life due to its cooling system to prevent rust / corrosion, lubricates the water pump and raise the boiling point of water;

4. Fan (electric fan) which rotates continuously at high speed indicates irregularities in the cooling system or the pressure of refrigerant / freon;

5. Engine cooling and air conditioning systems in modern cars use a computer (ECU) as bitron special. Modification of the cooling fan in a way to change the jumper or thermoswitch can result in errors in the information and decision-making engine ECU because Bitron always in communication with the engine ECU.

Heavy clutch problem

Europe car user complaints we often hear is the weight of our favorite car clutch. Especially for women, driving pleasure to be annihilated when dealing with traffic congestion.
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Some of the things offered in workshops specialist:

1. Modified clutch by shifting the point of the clutch cable hooks;
2. Modification clutch plate and the clutch cover with another product, local or imported, Rebuilt or new;
3. Modification of the clutch lever is located above the bottom of the gearbox. Lightweight? Indeed! Unfortunately, this modification (especially numbers 1 and 2 above) can easily result in clutch slippage, the lifetime of a relatively very short and also damage to the manual transmission syncromesh you!

Is there a complete solution? yes! Go to the authorized repair shop of your car and have them replace the clutch with a full set of Valeo products (OEM-Original Equipment Manufacturer) is mild.

Apart from this minor set of coupling, the formal workshop also provides a clutch cable that uses a layer of Teflon. Replacement of this type of cable will bring you more swayed in a light clutch your favorite European car that is no less than the light coupling of the Japanese cars of any brand.

Harmonic Balancer

Harmonic Balancer is the fancy name of the components that use rubber pulleys. Modern cars use a pulley wrapped in rubber. In modern cars, this thing known as the Crankshaft Pulley.

auto parts

Why should the rubber?
To reduce the vibration that would interfere with driving comfort of our pet as well as serve to preserve the age range of engine components, transmissions and car body. The age of the crankshaft pulley on the type of STI 405, 605, 306 and 406 is approximately 50.000km maximum, whereas in
Type 505 GTi relatively longer age is about 100.000km. Ask your repair shop to replace it when your favorite car has reached a distance
take this, and do not send your repair shop to repair / modify it in ways that are less logical (eg, in-die welding).

Do not underestimate this one component, the rupture of rubber crankshaft pulley on a 306 type proved to cause the most damage requiring engine overhaul done. Metal components can kick back on the pulley toward the timing belt and resulted lompatnya so that the engine valves will collide with the piston engine!

Engine mounting

Things that we often forget or overlooked in the treatment and periodic inspection is a component of engine mounting. Often when the car engine mounting
already weak, we postpone its replacement as the risks have never thought or imagined. Brunt of the risk of weak / damaged engine mounting is the destruction of automatic transmission components of our favorite car! Well, imagine the consequences of forgetting this one component.

auto parts

Lugging the engine

Driving habits of people in "LUGGING THE ENGINE" way force the machine to work with low speed below 2000 RPM in gear 3, 4 or even 5 is a very bad habit because it will reduce the lifetime of the machine. Excessive vibration caused the engine will also be a negative impact on other components such as transmission components, drive axles, axle, etc.. For everyday driving, keep the engine speed at 2000-3500 RPM range because this range provides an economical fuel consumption and can extend engine life.
auto carauto car

Italian tune up

The ITALIAN TUNE-UP term originated from the habit of driving the Italians, famous temper and pleased speeding. In the Italian mountain paths, they are famous with his driving style a la horde heavy legs, just stepped on the gas until the engine turns abis / RPM reaches the maximum limit (redline) before passing gear. Contrary to the perception or myth that adopted by most people, this driving force in fact have some positive impact. The biggest impact is the delay / slow the formation of carbon crust on the intake valve and combustion chamber. Machines also need regular exercise!

auto parts

How to do the correct Italian tune-up :
1. When the engine reaches about 2000-2500 RPM in first gear, immediately stepped on the gas pedal until they run out;
2. When the engine speed reaches redline, quickly shift gears into the next gear. Do not hold engine speed at redline leprosy. don't try to shorten engine life;
3. Repeat on the gears 2 and 3;
4. Do 2-3 x every few days. On vehicles equipped with automatic transmission, no need to move the gear lever but use the position of D:
* Immediately after the engine speed reaches approximately 2000 RPM in gear one immediately stepped on the accelerator until they run out;
* Transferring it manually is not recommended given the engine speed is too high can reduce the durability of the automatic transmission;
* In this type of electronic automatic transmission, use the S mode (sport) when doing Italian tune-up.

Warning before doing Italian Tune-Up:
1. Make sure that your timing belt is in good condition (replaced periodically every 50.000km);
2. Engine oil, transmission and differential (axle) must be at a sufficient level and quality of used oil must also be good;
3. Machines did not experience detonation (ticking);
4. Do not force your machine. Do not do Italian tune-up when the car is fully loaded or are on the road uphill.

How to turn on and heats up the carburetor engine

auto parts

1. Hit the gas pedal to get stuck one time to activate the auto-choke;
2. Off the gas pedal and turn the machine on;
3. The machine will rotate at a slightly higher rotation (depending on outside air temperature) since the auto choke and fast idle at work;
4. After 10 seconds, if the engine speed is still too high, stepped on the gas pedal suddenly by about 1 / 2 steps to disable the fast idle;
5. Start the vehicle slowly as the EFI engine.
* If the vehicle is still equipped with the manual choke, you have to pull it manually and try to start the engine before you have to step on the gas pedal until the end of a time as well;
* On the machine berkarburator (especially those still using manual choke), if the outside air temperature is cold (eg in the mountains in the morning), you have to shuffle the gas pedal 2-3 times before trying to turn the machine

How to turn on automobile and heating EFI MACHINE (Electronic Fuel Injection)

1. Turn the engine with the gas pedal is not stepped on a bit;

2. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) on a machine is still cold. EFI will automatically compensate for engine speed, engine speed where the height depending on outside air temperature. The colder the outside air, the higher the engine speed. So do not step on the gas pedal at all;

auto parts

3. Engine speed will drop automatically. For the morning temperature, engine speed will drop usually within 5-10 seconds since engine life;

4. Start the vehicle slowly, do not suddenly accelerated or forced to rotate at high RPM or the RPM is too low. The range of 2000-3000 RPM is ideal for warming period this machine. Yes, you still need to warm up the engine, but instead of heating in a place like most people but warm up as we go along

auto parts

heating auto machines

auto parts
Basically, a well-maintained modern car machines only require heating in place within a very short time. Heating time at a place only about 10 seconds at temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. If the air temperature is below that, the heating time may be added in place for about 10 seconds. Warming the engine about 2 s / d 3 minutes only required if the air temperature touching freezing aka 0 degrees Celsius or below it.

honda nsx wallpaper

Heating in place of a lingering negative impact far more than its positive impact:
1. Contaminate the home environment;
2. Wasting gasoline ;
3. Engine requires a mixture of air and gasoline (Air Fuel Ratio or A / F Ratio) rich (rich) in the round of stationary / idle. 14,7:1 ideal mixture, known as lambdha = 1 is very difficult to achieve on the conditions of stationary lap / idle. The result is clear, rich mixture would accelerate the formation of carbon crust on the intake valve and combustion chamber of your favorite engine.

mustang gt r



high beams

The main lights (headlight) is a vital component in a car or motorcycle, especially when driving at night. The quality of the generated light to illuminate the road affects the reflex response and the driver. Other constraints such as bad weather (heavy rain, thick fog) lowered work ability headlight.

autopartscrystal vision philips

The quality of a headlight illumination influenced several factors, among others:

- Design headlight unit (Reflectors / Lens projector)
- Electrification Systems.
- Quality / type of light (headlamp)

We can not do much to optimize the design Headlight Units, except to clean it when the headlight glass, reflector / projector lens looks dirty.

For the electrification system, we can optimize by adding a Set Relay system or headlight booster so that the power supplied to the lamp becomes large and the light becomes brighter. In addition, by adding a Set Relay system, it is possible to use the lamp power is greater.

headlights at night

To choose which type of lighting is good we use, we need to listen a little about the limitations of our eyes at night and during the day. Required lights that have at least a little bit of yellow light at night in order to see and react better when driving. That is why for the purposes of sport / rally, takes existing light yellow color content.

Have you ever forgotten to turn off the headlights? There are many cars that have not been equipped with an alarm reminder lamp (Headlight Reminder). Consequently when the time is quite long abandoned car, car battery voltage is decreased a lot and the car can not be in the starter. Fortunately for colleagues whose car was equipped Headlight Reminder, so when the door opened normally will sound the alarm / buzzer if lights dusk or main light (headlight) is still on.

autopartsxenon tech oneautopartsautoparts

car headlights

- Engine bay lighting
- Fog light (also called foglamp)
- Halogen
- Headlight (also called headlamp)
- Headlight motor
- Interior light and lamp
- License plate lamp (also called number plate lamp or registration plate lamp)
- Side lighting
- Tail light
- Tail light cover


auto body parts

have you ever finding your chevy auto parts or your wife's nissan auto parts in hard ways? well i guess it isn't anymore. Along with the development of the world in the era of globalization and the rapid growth of developing countries, industry sectors is competing once more, marked by the increasing number of industries that took part in these developments,include the automotive and transportation industries.

That's what puts the automotive industry as one of the three industries that are expected to be driving the growth of national industry and the world economy. The industry players, such like japan, especially the automotive industry strives to improve productivity and efficiency to support and achieve the required growth. However, the development of a motor vehicle or automotive industry in general has many obstacles such as not fully supporting industries such as raw materials and components are made domestically.

Manufacture of motor vehicles both two wheels and four wheels must be supported by the domestic industry, so there is no longer imported components and raw materials. here auto parts checker is needed to maintain the quality.


One effort is to do with a change of raw material of a component. Changes can be done by changing the automotive industry is the material used. Meterial must have adequate requirements such as lower cost, lighter but has a good quality / superior.

in this blog you will find useful information about autoparts and car maintenance. some of posts are meant to answer the frequently asked questions about car parts and used auto parts.

some of autoparts warehouse offered auto parts discount, which is discussed here too, so you have another option than visiting aftermarket auto parts all by yourselves.