How to turn on automobile and heating EFI MACHINE (Electronic Fuel Injection)

1. Turn the engine with the gas pedal is not stepped on a bit;

2. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) on a machine is still cold. EFI will automatically compensate for engine speed, engine speed where the height depending on outside air temperature. The colder the outside air, the higher the engine speed. So do not step on the gas pedal at all;

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3. Engine speed will drop automatically. For the morning temperature, engine speed will drop usually within 5-10 seconds since engine life;

4. Start the vehicle slowly, do not suddenly accelerated or forced to rotate at high RPM or the RPM is too low. The range of 2000-3000 RPM is ideal for warming period this machine. Yes, you still need to warm up the engine, but instead of heating in a place like most people but warm up as we go along

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