Harmonic Balancer

Harmonic Balancer is the fancy name of the components that use rubber pulleys. Modern cars use a pulley wrapped in rubber. In modern cars, this thing known as the Crankshaft Pulley.

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Why should the rubber?
To reduce the vibration that would interfere with driving comfort of our pet as well as serve to preserve the age range of engine components, transmissions and car body. The age of the crankshaft pulley on the type of STI 405, 605, 306 and 406 is approximately 50.000km maximum, whereas in
Type 505 GTi relatively longer age is about 100.000km. Ask your repair shop to replace it when your favorite car has reached a distance
take this, and do not send your repair shop to repair / modify it in ways that are less logical (eg, in-die welding).

Do not underestimate this one component, the rupture of rubber crankshaft pulley on a 306 type proved to cause the most damage requiring engine overhaul done. Metal components can kick back on the pulley toward the timing belt and resulted lompatnya so that the engine valves will collide with the piston engine!

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