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The main lights (headlight) is a vital component in a car or motorcycle, especially when driving at night. The quality of the generated light to illuminate the road affects the reflex response and the driver. Other constraints such as bad weather (heavy rain, thick fog) lowered work ability headlight.

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The quality of a headlight illumination influenced several factors, among others:

- Design headlight unit (Reflectors / Lens projector)
- Electrification Systems.
- Quality / type of light (headlamp)

We can not do much to optimize the design Headlight Units, except to clean it when the headlight glass, reflector / projector lens looks dirty.

For the electrification system, we can optimize by adding a Set Relay system or headlight booster so that the power supplied to the lamp becomes large and the light becomes brighter. In addition, by adding a Set Relay system, it is possible to use the lamp power is greater.

headlights at night

To choose which type of lighting is good we use, we need to listen a little about the limitations of our eyes at night and during the day. Required lights that have at least a little bit of yellow light at night in order to see and react better when driving. That is why for the purposes of sport / rally, takes existing light yellow color content.

Have you ever forgotten to turn off the headlights? There are many cars that have not been equipped with an alarm reminder lamp (Headlight Reminder). Consequently when the time is quite long abandoned car, car battery voltage is decreased a lot and the car can not be in the starter. Fortunately for colleagues whose car was equipped Headlight Reminder, so when the door opened normally will sound the alarm / buzzer if lights dusk or main light (headlight) is still on.

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car headlights

- Engine bay lighting
- Fog light (also called foglamp)
- Halogen
- Headlight (also called headlamp)
- Headlight motor
- Interior light and lamp
- License plate lamp (also called number plate lamp or registration plate lamp)
- Side lighting
- Tail light
- Tail light cover

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