Build your own Harley Davidson choppers, autoparts rules!

Harley Davidson choppers
Harley Davidson choppers
Not sure how about Harley-Davidson? If you want to build a custom motorcycle this post might give you ideas to build your own Harley Davidson. for this i recommend you a Chopper Motorcycle.  It began when riders started chopping off parts to lose weight and gain speed for their factory-bulky bikes. Choppers were born.

Harley Davidson choppers
custom choppers

Harley Davidson choppers

first method is by using already-working motorcycle and chop it to your taste. this allows you to have an easy registration and licensing because you are using an original manufacturer’s vehicle with valid registration numbers. you can Add or subtract and modify any original parts then feel it on the road. suit it to your taste.
Harley Davidson choppers
Harley Davidson choppers

Second method is Get the rolling chassis and customize with body work and drivetrain. buy the frame, the front forks, handlebars, clamps,fork and both wheels then you have the first step of this method to start. next you need to fit the drivetrain to your bike basic dimensions. by the way, The registration numbers belong to the frame so you can license your custom chopper based on it.

useful tips
- keep the original autoparts as a backup in case of breakdown.
- selling the original parts to another model owner is great way to keep your modification progress
Harley Davidson choppers
custom choppers HD

the toughest auto parts, the 4x4 Extreme Off-Road car parts

I've been traveling around.. long enough to get stuff to write here, and i got some pictures those reminded me about how hard your cars work for you.. in the heat of the summer days, in the cold winter, or in humid places like beaches. well i tell you what. these pictures i got will give you a breif but complete vision about the toughness of our vehicles.

it's a 4x4 Extreme Off-Road time!

what you see here are the victor of wilderness and durability among all cars competitions.  all the 4x4 Extreme Off-Road design are tough and hi-precised and you will see that things like these are unstoppable..

and here are the next wild things. right now I'm still making some stuff about extreme offroad so, while waiting next more interesting posts, enjoy some photos i got so far.

Hood Scoops

hood scoopshood scoops
Want a more aggressive with muscular look? We all have been looking at car mags and checking out some speed channels with old muscle cars, and many of them had various incarnations of the Hood Scoops/bonnets. In the modern automotive age, hood scoops are associated with brawny high performance vehicles. Take your car to the next level in appearance and style with our huge assortment of Hood Scoops. Outfitting your ride has never been easier. Transform stock hood into a simulated "performance hood" and Create a new look today with custom Hood Scoops with top-quality fiberglass body components for street and race vehicles.Change the look of your car by adding one of the hood scoops those shown here. next There will be lots of pictures to ensure that you have every hood scoop option available to you easily painted to match factory color, exactly how you want the scoop to look.
hood scoopshood scoopshood scoops
Hood Scoops are carefully designed to maximize the flow of cool air over the inter cooler by creating a 35% larger. what do hood scoops do? They scoop outside cold air and help ram more air into the intake making slightly more HP. The more air that you can get in through you custom hood scoop and into your motor, the more power it will make. Facing it toward the windshield actually increases the intake force due to the down draft effect of the windshield. Hood scoops are placed on the part of the hood receiving the greatest amount of wind pressure, typically in the center and near the windshield, Sometimes the opening facing out and other times facing in. It's easy to install and manufactured to withstand years of exposure. For cars that deserve the best, hood scoops combine high-performance, simulated dual-intake style and unmatched quality.

Identifying Your Dream Car

auto buying tips: Identifying Your Dream Car

detroit auto show Make a list of car you want to buy. What kind of car do you admire? Do you like any of the friend's car? If so, ask a friend what the advantages and disadvantages of the car. Be sure also to see the model and year of car you want. Do not forget that your life style also plays a role determining the type of car to buy. What is the purpose you buy a car? Is it as a means of family transportation (functional), as a means of self-image (lifestyle) or as a hobby? If the reason you have a car is a means of family transportation, try to view the multi-purpose vehicles such as Toyota Avanza or Innova. But if you want to create the image on your lifestyle and family try to learn the kinds of cars Camry, Altis or a "youth car" as the Yaris. autoshow

Calculate Your Financial Ability in buying a Car

ford verve sedan Safest and best place to buy a used car is a show room or a trusted used car dealer that can provide guarantees to the individual buyer or seller who is recommended by people you trust. If the price offered is too high, you should find another dealer. Ability to negotiate must be honed over time. Make sure you know the used car market price of the coveted and start bidding below the asking price. You can also find out the prices of used cars from auto sites. Prepare a budget for buying a car. This is a silly point actually. You have to use the money if you want to buy goods. But we can buy a car with less money first. Less money is what we call Down Payment. Not all dealers put sticky prices. Astute negotiations may give the advantage to you. fiat 500 abath

auto buying tips: Calculate Your Financial Ability in buying a new/Used Car