Italian tune up

The ITALIAN TUNE-UP term originated from the habit of driving the Italians, famous temper and pleased speeding. In the Italian mountain paths, they are famous with his driving style a la horde heavy legs, just stepped on the gas until the engine turns abis / RPM reaches the maximum limit (redline) before passing gear. Contrary to the perception or myth that adopted by most people, this driving force in fact have some positive impact. The biggest impact is the delay / slow the formation of carbon crust on the intake valve and combustion chamber. Machines also need regular exercise!

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How to do the correct Italian tune-up :
1. When the engine reaches about 2000-2500 RPM in first gear, immediately stepped on the gas pedal until they run out;
2. When the engine speed reaches redline, quickly shift gears into the next gear. Do not hold engine speed at redline leprosy. don't try to shorten engine life;
3. Repeat on the gears 2 and 3;
4. Do 2-3 x every few days. On vehicles equipped with automatic transmission, no need to move the gear lever but use the position of D:
* Immediately after the engine speed reaches approximately 2000 RPM in gear one immediately stepped on the accelerator until they run out;
* Transferring it manually is not recommended given the engine speed is too high can reduce the durability of the automatic transmission;
* In this type of electronic automatic transmission, use the S mode (sport) when doing Italian tune-up.

Warning before doing Italian Tune-Up:
1. Make sure that your timing belt is in good condition (replaced periodically every 50.000km);
2. Engine oil, transmission and differential (axle) must be at a sufficient level and quality of used oil must also be good;
3. Machines did not experience detonation (ticking);
4. Do not force your machine. Do not do Italian tune-up when the car is fully loaded or are on the road uphill.

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