How Plug works

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Plugs connected to the voltage magnitude of thousands of volts generated by the ignition coils. Voltage from the ignition coil produces a voltage difference between electrodes in the middle of a spark plug with on the side. Current can not flow because the fuel and air in the gap is an insulator, but the greater the voltage difference, the structure of the gas between the electrodes is changed. At the time the voltage exceeds the dielectric strength than the existing gas, these gases undergo a process of ionization and that had to be insulators, turned into a conductor. Once this happens, the flow of electrons can flow, and the flow of electrons, the temperature at the spark plug gap rose sharply, to 60,000 K. Very high temperatures makes the ionized gas to expand rapidly, like a small explosion. This is the spark plugs, which in principle is similar to a mini thunder or lightning.

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