electronic fuel injection (EFI) system engine maintenance

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The following tips about EFI auto parts:
1. When the engine note when the indicator text / image "Check Engine" on the instrument panel (depending on car brand) remains on after the engine life for a few seconds, immediately contact your mechanic;

2. When you're driving and when the Check Engine light indicator, immediately contact your mechanic;

3. Clean and replace air filters regularly or on time;

4. Replace fuel filter (fuel filter) periodically,

5. Clean throttle body and idle regulator / stepper motor at regular intervals;

6. Clean connector sensors, connectors and connector Ignition ECU periodically;

7. Replace spark plugs regularly and check the spark plug gap every 5.000km tenseness or more often. Use a spark plug type R, namely that using resistor;

8. Avoid ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of water;

9. Try charging the battery and electrical system (altenator and voltage regulators) are always in prime condition;

10. Do not even think to modify the voltage regulator with cut-out system, you will damage the ECU or ignition module (Igniter / CDI);

11. Do not try to start the engine when the injector socket in a detached position;

12. Do not even try to connect the injector with direct battery current (12 volts) because the injector operates with a voltage of 9 volts;

13. Clean injectors and fuel system regularly with a safe cleaning system, for example Interject Service;

14. Do not even using Ultrasound injector cleaning system;

15. If you want to install an alarm, make sure the alarm is made by major manufacturers and has an international reputation, brand eg Clifford, Alpine, Kenwood, Avital, etc.. Perform installation of an alarm only at authorized dealers. Alarms made in factories that do not have an international reputation can cause RFI / MRI that will interfere with the function of the ECU;

16. If you want to replace the spark plug wires with the type of high performance / racing, make sure that the wires are made of materials that do not cause RFI / MRI can interfere with ECU functioning.

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