How to turn on and heats up the carburetor engine

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1. Hit the gas pedal to get stuck one time to activate the auto-choke;
2. Off the gas pedal and turn the machine on;
3. The machine will rotate at a slightly higher rotation (depending on outside air temperature) since the auto choke and fast idle at work;
4. After 10 seconds, if the engine speed is still too high, stepped on the gas pedal suddenly by about 1 / 2 steps to disable the fast idle;
5. Start the vehicle slowly as the EFI engine.
* If the vehicle is still equipped with the manual choke, you have to pull it manually and try to start the engine before you have to step on the gas pedal until the end of a time as well;
* On the machine berkarburator (especially those still using manual choke), if the outside air temperature is cold (eg in the mountains in the morning), you have to shuffle the gas pedal 2-3 times before trying to turn the machine

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