Problems on EFI systems

Basically, the EFI system is made tough for all road conditions, temperature and how to drive. Damage or problems on EFI systems mainly due to:

1. Poor fuel quality (low octane, sulfur content is very high on all types of fuel and the absence of additives);

2. Tropical humidity is very high so that the sulfur content in the fuel reacts with water vapor to sulfuric acid in the vehicle fuel system and cause blockages in the injector and fuel lines;

3. Modifications to the vehicle electrical system that is not true, including the replacement of spark plug wires of non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the installation of alarms;

4. Efforts to clean the injector with Ultrasound system;

5. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which take in water;

6. Removing the battery in a way that is not true, do jump start in a way that is not right and wrong way of disassembling the ECU.

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