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Basically, a well-maintained modern car machines only require heating in place within a very short time. Heating time at a place only about 10 seconds at temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. If the air temperature is below that, the heating time may be added in place for about 10 seconds. Warming the engine about 2 s / d 3 minutes only required if the air temperature touching freezing aka 0 degrees Celsius or below it.

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Heating in place of a lingering negative impact far more than its positive impact:
1. Contaminate the home environment;
2. Wasting gasoline ;
3. Engine requires a mixture of air and gasoline (Air Fuel Ratio or A / F Ratio) rich (rich) in the round of stationary / idle. 14,7:1 ideal mixture, known as lambdha = 1 is very difficult to achieve on the conditions of stationary lap / idle. The result is clear, rich mixture would accelerate the formation of carbon crust on the intake valve and combustion chamber of your favorite engine.

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