removing the ECU immobilizer feature car battery

Procedure for removing THE BATTERY, auto with ECU immobilizer feature
(For example in THE PEUGEOT type 306 N5, 406-1998-onward D8, D9 406, etc.)
1. Open the car windows and then close the car door with a meeting;
2. Turn the ignition to the Off position, then turn it back to the On position (the engine should not be live or on-start);
3. Wait at least 10 seconds in the On position is;
4. Then, turn the key to the Off position;
5. You have 10 minutes to disconnect the battery negative terminal;
6. Always disconnect the negative terminal first, followed by the positive terminal;
7. Reassembling the battery does not require special procedures, the battery may be placed back in the time period is unlimited. Fitting the negative battery terminal should always be done last time.

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Battery disconnect procedure error would be fatal to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). ECU can be Locked and the only solution is to replace with the new ECU. check your EFI

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