car periodic care tips for cooling system

1. Check the position of the radiator cap and check the water in the radiator of your car on a regular basis because if reduced would result in over heating;

2. Do not fill the radiator overflow, but fill up to a top position only. Auto parts such as Radiators that are too full of negative impact on engine cooling system components;

3. If the radiator requires the addition of water regularly every few days or even every day, immediately go to your mechanic;
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4. Replace / drain water in the radiator of your car within a period of 1 year or every 20,000 km for regular maintenance and water pump cooling system of your car:
Always use coolant / coolant / inhibitors is good, safe for aluminum parts and has a phosphate content of the low / nil, say Procoor, Revkogel, glyco Shell, etc.;

Mixing water coolant should use aquades / distilled water to prevent the crust on the engine cooling system; Dispose of the wind on the radiator and the engine coolant through the channels, until the air bubbles disappear;

5. Check the engine cooling fan and air-conditioning, whether it is still running normally or it will become slow spin;

6. Check with your mechanic to find the cause of delay in the cooling fan rotation.

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1. Removing the thermostat result in decreased engine performance, fuel consumption and reduced endurance / durability of the engine;

2. Use a thermostat that begin to open at a temperature of 83 degrees Celsius. This thermostat can be obtained at the official Peugeot garage and specially designed by the manufacturer for machines Peugeot vehicles in the tropics;

3. The use of coolant will extend component life due to its cooling system to prevent rust / corrosion, lubricates the water pump and raise the boiling point of water;

4. Fan (electric fan) which rotates continuously at high speed indicates irregularities in the cooling system or the pressure of refrigerant / freon;

5. Engine cooling and air conditioning systems in modern cars use a computer (ECU) as bitron special. Modification of the cooling fan in a way to change the jumper or thermoswitch can result in errors in the information and decision-making engine ECU because Bitron always in communication with the engine ECU.

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