Smart Ways Caring spark plugs

Every car owner must understand how important the plugs for the car. Although the fire is small if there is no spark, has been ascertained by the machine cannot work. Very powerful presence, is not it? No doubt that your machine will always be healthy and did not find any problems, then you must diligently consider the condition of the car plugs.

Taking care of spark plug

In this simple article will explain to you about five ways smart care for the car spark plug. If you always take care of your spark plugs with this clever way, your engine will not have complaints with the spark plugs.

- Clean the spark plug hole

You do not rush to check the spark plugs the car. You must first clean up the hole with a clean cloth. At the moment is doing the cleaning, you should also be wary if the condition of the spark plug cover your car is still in good condition or not. Closing automobile spark plugs spark plugs have a role in treating the car as well you know.

- Remove the spark plug with spark plug spanner

Although the shape of a car spark plug with the other cars are sometimes the same, but you should never let the premises wrench. You must release the car with the key spark plugs. In general every car has a different spanner types.

- Take care of your car spark plugs with Kerosene

After you remove the spark plugs car, treat or clean with kerosene. After the spark plug is clean, dry it. Then you clean the electrode with a thin rough plate. And do not forget the iron gap measure to optimize the performance of the spark plug.

Here's How to Measure the spark plug gap

You have to measure the spark plug gap under the terms of your existing car plant in service manual car. If the spark plug gap looks tenuous, it means that the ignition is reduced. The side effects will cause a fall in performance and still improve fuel consumption. So, do you know the ideal spark plug gap? The ideal spark plug gap is ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 mm.

If you doubt this, do not forget when your car is on service; ask the proper spark plug gap size for the car. All you need to know, in some models, premium spark plugs are designed so that it cannot change the size of its gap.

How to extend use of Car spark plug Age

You should perform regular cleaning of spark plugs. Therefore, in order to spark life of your car every 5,000 miles you should clean the spark plug with a gust of wind or a special brush. However, if the condition of your car's spark plugs already looks bad, do not hesitate to replace it. The price is pretty cheap too! Price depends on the type of car spark plugs and brands.

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