Identifying Your Dream Car

auto buying tips: Identifying Your Dream Car

detroit auto show Make a list of car you want to buy. What kind of car do you admire? Do you like any of the friend's car? If so, ask a friend what the advantages and disadvantages of the car. Be sure also to see the model and year of car you want. Do not forget that your life style also plays a role determining the type of car to buy. What is the purpose you buy a car? Is it as a means of family transportation (functional), as a means of self-image (lifestyle) or as a hobby? If the reason you have a car is a means of family transportation, try to view the multi-purpose vehicles such as Toyota Avanza or Innova. But if you want to create the image on your lifestyle and family try to learn the kinds of cars Camry, Altis or a "youth car" as the Yaris. autoshow

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